The Rattlesnake body covering is scales.
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The Rattlesnakes habitats are mountains, plains,and dessert. The rattlesnake is common to find in the dessert.

The Rattlesnake's food

It eats rats, mice, rabbits.

Predators and a way to protect its self

A Rattlesnake's predators are owls, hawks, rats. Its way to protect its self is venom from a bite and Its striking pose.
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Facts about rattlesnakes

Rattlesnakes don't lay eggs they give birth to live babies. Rattlesnakes venom freezes muscles. The Rattlesnakes life span is 10-20 years. The Rattlesnakes own food can kill the Rattlesnake. Rattlesnakes fangs fold back when not in use. The shed skin by the rattler is what makes the rattle. The rattler is longer than a tea spoon. The venom destroys blood cells. While in striking pose if it senses nothing it will now lay back.


When in the dessert it camouflage its hard to see.
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The Rattler's relatives are sidewinders and vipers that's part of their family.
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Rattlesnakes worst enemy

The Rattlesnakes worst enemy is the hawk.
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Interesting Facts

The Rattlesnake can kill a baby tiger.

Rare rattler

A rare Rattlesnake is the albino rattlesnake.
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