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Reflections from Pastor Jennifer

Time seems to be flying by, doesn't it? There are only 3 weeks until Christmas, and only 4 more weeks of 2022! Sometimes we want to ask time to hold up! But usually in our prayer life we wonder "what is the hold up?"

We learn from Daniel that sometimes the hold up is due to spiritual warfare. I encourage you today to keep fighting! Though you feel weary, do not faint! God heard you when you first began to pray. Ask, and keep asking. Knock, and keep knocking! Seek, and keep seeking. Read Luke 11:1-13 today to be reminded of the importance of persistence in prayer.

Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress

This is a fast-passed, potentially difficult time of year for everyone. When you are stressed it is tough to be your best for God, yourself, and your loved ones. Take advice from these tips provided by Equipping Godly Women (they are useful for men too 😉).

1. Stop People-Pleasing

2. Live One Day at a Time

3. Serve Others First

4. Prioritize Quiet Time with God

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