My One & Only

Missing you more and more daily.....

Loving You is So Easy.......

I wake up daily Smiling wider than I was the day before

Because something nudges me, and I remember that

You love me dearly

It's great knowing that I am loved without any restriction

Because it makes loving you unrestrained far easier to do.

These past month's have been amazing

I sometimes wonder if this is really happening to us

But then the Lord reminds me that He takes care of His own

No matter what our short comings are He has a way of

Cradling us in His Arms and keeping us safe from harm.

I love you because you're amazing, you always try to ensure that I keep a smile on

I love you because you give of yourself completely, you would give your last to ensure I am safe

I love you because you cause me to want more out of life than I have ever wanted

I love you because you when you look at me I can see the love radiating from your heart

I love you because you love me despite all my quirks.

As the days blend into months

I anxiously await our union as husband and wife

It's getting harder being away from you

Not being able to hug you as I please

Or just stare into your eyes sometimes brings me to my knees.

I promise to love you always

No matter come what may

You are my one and only

I miss you more each day.

Love you dearly baby!

Alaine- No Ordinary Love
Can't Take My Eyes off You - Frankie Valli and The 4 Seasons
Tessanne Chin - Hide Away