You're All That Matters

Justin Bieber

Dear Justin,

Today in school we were told to pick someone who mattered to us and you were the first person that came to mind. If you get the chance to read this well, you're going to know why I and millions of other beliebers can't thank you enough for being the one we're able to turn to when we need to. You've helped me through so much. Your song Down To Earth from the My World album saved me from hard times this past year. It's absolutely amazing how your old songs even now, impact people, like me. Its probably really cliché that just another belieber is simply telling you how much you mean to them, but to be honest I'm okay with that. Your songs that come out every Sunday at midnight, from your journal, these last few weeks and the next six, well each one is even better than the last and it so amazing to see people who never believed in you before suddenly realizing your story.

You were just a small town kid from Canada who wasn’t afraid to pursue his dreams no matter how badly people were trying to bring you down, you just stood right back up. You know who you are and that's a quality that a lot of people just don’t have. You surround yourself with people you know will keep you in check. You've made history. You love who support you. You follow your dreams. You are a crazy kind of fun. You make sure to keep all of your fans and beliebers included. You are an inspiration to millions. That's why we love you the way we do. That's why I chose you for this project. That's why you matter.