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FM9 Student Led News Source - November 3, 2016

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November 3

  • 4-7pm - FM9 Football vs. Lewisville @ LHS Goldsmith Stadium
  • 5:30 & 7pm - JV Football vs. Lewisville @ FMHS
  • 7pm - Meet the Basketball JAGS @ FMHS Arena

November 4

*SPIRIT DAY - Sunburn the Farmers (Hawaiian/Tacky Tourist Day)*

  • 7:30pm Varsity Football vs. Lewisville @ LHS Goldsmith Stadium
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2016 World Series

It's the best time of the year for baseball fans ... the World Series is here! Here is a quick recap what all has happened during the 2016 World Series. The National League champions Chicago Cubs haven't appeared in the World Series since 1908 (yes, that's 108 years ago). To pull off a win, they have to go through the American League champion Cleveland Indians first.

Game 1: Cubs-0 Indians-6 (INDIANS WIN)

In the first game the Indians pitching game was very strong. Cory Kluber made history, striking 8 batters in 3 innings only giving up 4 hits. But pitching wasn't the only thing that won the game for the Indians. Swinging for the fences Robert Perez smashes a 3 run home run helping the Indians dominate over the Cubs to win the game.

Game 2: Cubs-5 Indians-1 (CUBS WIN)

Despite early problems Cubs pitcher Jake Arrita threw a no hitter into the 6th inning. He left the 6th with 98 pitches thrown only allowing 1 run and 2 hits. On this chilly night the Indians were certainly under the weather. The Indians committed 2 official errors and made many more crucial mistakes. "For us to win, we generally need to play a clean game, and we didn't do that." - Indians manager Terry Francona.

Game 3: Cubs-0 Indians-1 (INDIANS WIN)

This game was probably one of the slowest games yet. After 6 innings of scoreless baseball the Indians finally broke through. It seemed as though many could not get the ball through the infield and when they did nobody could hit them in for a run. Robert Perez was the one who saved the day by getting on base and starting a rally. However the Cubs never broke through by scoring 0 runs.

Game 4: Cubs-2 Indians-7 (INDIANS WIN)

The Indians improved their lead to 3-1 on the series. Having received a strong effort from pitcher Corey Kluber he only allowed 1 run in 6 innings. Offensively the Indians were led by Jason Kipnis who smashed a 3 run homer. Carlos Santana also delivered a solo home run. This was the Cubs first loss when they actually scored a run. The Indians defense didn't allow the Cubs to gain momentum.

Game 5: Cubs-3 Indians-2 (CUBS WIN)

While the Indians felt no pressure the Cubs stepped up and stayed alive to force game 6. The Indians scored first, on a Jose Ramirez home run but it ended up meaning nothing when Trevor Bauer fell apart in the 4th inning allowing the Cubs to score 3 runs to take the lead. The Cubs definitely played a great game last night with amazing defensive plays left and right. It proved to the Indians that the series is still up for grabs.

Game 6: Cubs-9 Indians-3 (CUBS WIN)

The Cubs refused to get eliminated yet again by beating the Indians 9-3. Even from the start the cubs had the win. Kris Bryant hit a home run to get the scoring started. While they tried to recover two runs scored on a dropped pop fly. Jake Arrieta defeated the Indian lineup. In the 3rd inning looking for a solution the Indians pulled their pitcher and put in Dan Otero who threw a 2-0 count resulting in a grand slam by Addison Russel. As hard as the Indians tried the Cubs didn't budge. Assuming the Cubs have no intentions of slowing down the Indians need to get their head in the game in order to win this last game of the World Series.

Game 7: Cubs-8 Indians-7 (CUBS WIN)

Finally, after a 108 year World Series title drought the Cubs pulled off a win! The Cubs started the game with a solo homer by Dexter Fowler. In the top of the 5th the Cubs were leading 3-1 and it seemed all hope for the Indians to win was lost... until David Ross made an error throwing to first base advancing the runner to second. Then Jon Lester threw a wild pitch allowing 2 Cleveland runs to score. The whole game was very back and forth, a different team winning every inning, it wasn't until the bottom of the 8th when things got interesting. With two outs Jose Ramirez got a hit, Brandon Guyer drove him in then Rajai Davis blasted a 2 run homer tying the game.

Nine innings wasn't enough to settle this epic battle between the Cubs and Indians. In the 10th inning, the Cubs were up to bat first and made an offensive charge scoring 2 runs. Then it was the Indians turn at the plate, but they could only muster 1 score before the Cubs closed them out. With the final out, the Cubs emerged victorious ending the 108-year drought. Congratulations to the 2016 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs!!

Written by: Maddie & Brooke