FEC Weekly News

December 10th, 2015

Happy Friday!!

Hello FEC Family!

A big THANK YOU to all of you as you helped us through being three teachers short with no subs today!! I can't thank you enough for the way that you came together and took care of our kiddos today.

And another THANK YOU for keeping our kids calm as we spent part of our day without electricity. Everything stayed peaceful - you would never even know we were without lights if you just watched the kids. :)

Have a great weekend!! Next week will be fun and then it's break!



Odds and Ends

If your computer isn't shutting down after 15 minutes of inactivity it soon will be. This is a new security feature and will happen district wide. If you have a mac, this may not happen on your computer.

CD Book study dates are on the calendar. Our Mondays are packed, so we could only fit 5 dates in!! Can't wait to get started!!

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PD Days

Check your email for details for the upcoming PD Day on the 18th. Our CD committee will be presenting at the breakout sessions - they will be great!!

Just another reminder - we all need to aim to be there by 7:50.

In regards to upcoming PD days, I don't yet have information for you for January. However, our February PD will consist of DRDP training. I need everyone to be here, including ECSE teachers and paras. We have to have 20 participants to have a training. ECSE, I know you don't currently give the DRDP, but this way we are prepared if things change! Also - you are excused from sped training.

Thank you!!!

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Next week

Candy Cane Trail:

Kara and paras have put all of this together - thank you so much to all of them!! They have put out a schedule - make sure you check it out.


9:30 - am assembly

12:30 - pm assembly


Mr. Peak and his banjo - first 15 minutes

Santa will come into the assembly around 9:45 and 12:45. He will say hi and pass out books.

Holiday dance party

Class Pictures (we will keep some classes in the room and call down the others - or if things go well we can keep all classes in the room and start pics. We will start with ecse/daycare, then do ei, mpp, and tk - let me know if you have thoughts on that)

Daycare is thinking of attending this one. If they don't, we can take Santa to daycare.

We will have pizza that day for lunch!!

A question to ask every day: Would you want to be a child in your class?

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December 14th: Screening Day/Ornament Exchange

December 16th: Candy Cane Trail

December 17th: Assembly and Santa visit

December 18th: District PD Day on Mental Health (7:50 - 3:00 High School Commons)

December 21st: January 3rd: Winter Break - no school

January 4th: First CD book study @11:00

January 15th: PD Day

January 22nd: Movie night/book fair