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Race For Education Edition - 2016

Thank You for a Great Race for Education:

The Back Story . . .

Since the 2010-2011 school year, Race for Education has been the one-and-only fundraiser of the Titus Home & School Association. The 2016-2017 campaign kicked off at the beginning of the school year and culminated in our annual Race on Friday, November 4th. Race day 2016 was a huge success, with all Titus classrooms participating in both the physical activity of walking and dancing outside and the numerous rewards of participation.

We Are Not Done Yet . . .

As of November 16th, we have collected $31,390.80. The efforts put forth by our community are what allows our Home & School Association to provide some of the most comprehensive services and support among the district's elementary schools.

Although the campaign is over and race day is now a fond memory, we are still collecting mailers and donations. If you still have yours at home, maybe in a pile of paperwork in your office, it is not too late to send them in.

Please note: we accept Race donations throughout the entire school year.

Where Does the Money Go???

With all of your support our Home & School Association will be able to:

  • Continue covering most field trip costs for all grade levels.
  • Continue purchasing Assignment Books for grades 3 - 6.
  • Continue providing Book Fair vouchers, which ensure that every Titus student is able to get a new book.
  • Continue funding our Grant Program for Titus teachers, which has helped our educators build classroom libraries, deploy innovative technologies and enhance classroom environments. Every dollar spent through our Grant Program helps provide visual, auditory and/or tactile enrichment for our curriculum.
  • Continue covering the cost of the school-wide subscription to the BrainPop website - a supplemental web-based tool used across all content areas.
  • Continue hosting fun, free events on our school campus—for example, BINGO Night, the “Guys and Dolls” Dance and other grade-level socials we’re hoping to coordinate in the coming months.
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What Can You Do to Help . . .

Remember: Race for Education contributions are tax deductible. If you’ve already sent—or are in the process of sending—your tax-deductible contribution, many thanks for helping the Titus Home & School Association.

If you, your family and/or your friends and neighbors have not yet sent your donation, please take just a few moments to do so.

If the “official” paperwork has been misplaced, that’s OK—you can still send in cash or a check payable to “Titus Home & School.” Please be sure to include the child’s name and grade level. Contributions can be sent to school with your child, or they can be mailed to:

Titus Home & School Association
2333 Lower Barness Road
Warrington, PA 18976

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And the winner is . . .

Congratulations to Dylan Fisher our $100 Visa Gift Card winner and to Luke Fromal our Bertucci’s Stamp Donation Gift Card winner. The limo winners have been picked and we are currently looking to finalize the day in February.

The winners are: Matthew Tourish, Jackson Urban, Mia Perlman, Brady Bell, Shweta Sharma, Frank Tasey, and Sophia Quinn.

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It takes a lot of help to pull all of this together . . .

Titus Home & School would like to thank the Titus Community for another amazing Race for Education! So far, we have received $31,390.80 in donations! Thank you to everyone who turned in your labels, and thank you for all of your donations! This event could not be successful without your support! Finally, Home and School would also like to thank the students for their help in handling mailers and making posters for the Race for Education.

Please note: we accept Race donations throughout the entire school year.

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