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What is the capital city?

Lima is the capital city.

What are the 4 major cities.

The 4 major cities are Callao, Cusco, Arequipa and Iquitos.

Was it controlled by another country? If yes who?

Yes, it was controlled by spain.

Did it gain independence? When?

Peru gained independence on 28 July 1821.

Official language?


Discription of flag.

The flag has red and white stripes with a design in the middle.
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Where is Peru?

In South America.
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Physical features.

Andes mountain, Amazon river and lake titacaca.
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Type of government?

Constitutional republic


Ollanta Humala


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Economy system


Why should people visit

Peru has the third largest rain forest.

What should tourists see and do?

The people should see saksaywaman. It is the inca stone wall.