Advanced Twitter

The Sky's the Limit!

Building Your Personal Learning Network (PLN)

Who you follow MATTERS!

  • Interests
  • Authors
  • Hashtags
  • Companies

Let's do an audit.....

  • Check those you are following. Do they past your test?
  • Who should we add? Let's add 10 new PLN members based on your above interests.
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Using Tweetdeck to Organize Twitter

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SAMR--It's not the Tool, It's How We Use It

The SAMR Model Explained By Students

The Power of Twitter as PD

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Quote by George Couros

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Teacher Tips: Using Twitter in the Classroom
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Social Media Roadblocks

Time to brainstorm the roadblocks that may occur when using social media in the classroom. Ready, Set, GO!

What is a Twitter Chat?