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Remote instruction,
without the boring stuff.

Fieldtrip is a live video-based instruction platform from the creators of Smore.

Perfect for workshops, lectures, or training sessions

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A refreshing instructional experience

Whether it's 5 or 500 viewers, Fieldtrip's got you covered.

Everything is a click away

We designed Fieldtrip to be easy to use and quick to learn. Jump between slides, polls, videos, and questions with just a click.

Connect with your audience

Avoid the clutter of chats with a streamlined inbox. Highlight interesting questions, award trophies for insighful comments, and make them feel seen.

Instant catalog of your work

Automatically recorded, indexed and catalogued, your content is ready to catch up & rewatch.

A laid back viewing experience

Fieldtrip is like a DVR for the session. Pause a live session, never miss a thing

Engagment minus the distractions

Viewers can react and ask questions without interrupting the session flow.

Pause a live session or skip ahead

Missed something? Go back.
Catching up? Jump ahead to the answers.
Fieldtrip automatically catalogues everything.

Sprinkle some fun

Mix it up and add some flavor and personality with gifs. memes, trophies and confetti.

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