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Erika Hurtado

Guess what .

Do you know all those fluffy lovely pets you came right place and ITS Great GUINEA PIGS!!! So fluffy and makes happy when you are sad . Do you know all about about Guinea pig will come and read along and find out the surprises and important guide of fluffy lovely Guinea pigs .

How Did Guinea pigs became pets?

Spanish explorers brought Guinea pigs back to the new world to Europe,where they where kept as exotic pets . Guinea pigs are also called cavies are a domestic,species or a rodent ( cavia porcellus ) they were originally native to South American did you know that there name was different but now they are called Guinea pig why ? You think I don't have that information will yes I do . Guinea pig means a domesticated tailless ,South America cavy,originally raised for food .Have you expected that .
Amazing Guinea Pigs Tricks (with Twix and Lilo)

How amazing thoughts I wish that was true

Healing Adean medicine Guinea pigs was rubbed over body to a sick person or patient they thought .Who would do that these days l know it would'nt at all or say that is a lot of fur ? You thinks that was all will you guess wrong . What is next..... Is it true yes or no l am waiting for your guess in 3 21 no that wasn't true but Guinea pigs can help you to feel much better some few examples are that if you are really sick they can't help but make you feel. Better if you are sad they make you feel happy turn that frown upside into a smiley face . Do you want to get to the point now of course you want to watch this short video turn that frown upside down .
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Yummy so juice can l have more hummm. Keep reading along to get more juice surprise .

Humm is it true .

Black Guinea pigs were consider especially holy similar wild black colour we see today who knows if that is true maybe who knows what do you think......

Hey did you knew this

The Guinea pigs was first domesticated as early as 500 BC you might have a question like this were they the first pets let's find out..... Maybe do you care for your furry little friends if you don't have one don't be sad maybe some people might be wondering is that how much does it cause what do you think 50 30 20 25 will the average cost of a Guinea pig is about 20 dollars that's not much so go to the store and get your fluffy pet ............

Watch this video with this cut Guinea pig ace 5 months old 😀❤️❤️❤️


Do you prefer to be alone or not

Some people say that they think some Guinea pigs owners have to have a least 2 Guinea pigs have a heart what happens if you were a Guinea pigs get the point now have a heart be kind let your furry little friend be free have a friend for your Guinea pig.either way you need to spend time with your lovely pets everyday it would be the best .

Who knows

Sometimes it's for the best for the Guinea pigs including everbody else. l sure learned a lot. How Amazing . Sometimes friendship come with furry packages.

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