Czech Republic

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Czech Republic is one of fifty countries in Europe. It's also one of the biggest countries there. Czech Republic has been a country since 1993. Before 1993 it was called Czechoslovakia.


Major cities

This map shows all of the major cities in Czech Republic. There are 24 major cities in Czech Republic.The capital in Czech Republic is Prague.

Physical map

This map shows all of the rivers in Czech Republic.

Europe Regions Map

This map shows the eight regions in Europe. The red region is called the Central region witch Czech republic is in.
Czech Republic is a land locked country. The summers are cool and the winters are cold, cloudy, and humid. They produce natural resources like coal, clay, graphite, and timber. There are four bordering countries. The bordering countries are Austria, Germany, Poland, and Slovakia.


In Czech Republic you can travel by boat down the river, train on the railroad, cars on the roads, bike on the sidewalk, and travel by foot on the sidewalk. They also travel in airplanes to get to other countries.


Throughout the world all different types of governments are used. Czech republic uses a form of government called a parliamentary republic. They have a limitted government. The current leader as of February 2016, is named Miloš Zeman. They are also in the UN, or United Nations. They became part of it on January 19, 1993. The UN discusses world issues.

People in Czech pay taxes, have religion freedom, and get to pick their job.


Different money currencies are used around the world. Czech Republic uses the currency called "Koruna." For every 1 USD (or 1 US dollar) you spend, you would spend 23.8894 Koruna's or 23.89 CZK. The GDP per capita or the average amount of money someone gets per six months is about $30,407.40. Czech Republic Exports to many countries like Germany, Slovakia, Austria, Poland, United Kingdom, France, Italy, United States, Netherlands, and Russia. Czech Republic also gets imports from Germany, Slovakia, Austria, Poland, United Kingdom, France, Italy, United States, Netherlands, and Russia. They export machinery and transport equipment, raw materials and fuels, chemicals, and lots of other equipment.

Ethnic Groups

There can be lots of ethnic groups in a country and there can also be a country with only two or three ethnic groups. Czech republic has five ethnic groups. The groups are czech with 64.3% of the population, Moravian with 5% of the population, Slovak with 1.4% of the population, other with 1.8% of the population, and unspecified with 27.5% of the population. In Czech Republic education is free and you go to school from ages 6-15. The literacy rat is 99% for males and females.


There are three religions in Czech Republic. The religions are Roman Catholic, Protestant, and an unspecified religion.


In Czech there are two main languages. The two main languages are Czech. 95.4% of the people speak it. The other language is Slovak and 1.6% of the people speak it.

Country flag

The colors on their flag all represent different things. The white stands for peace and honesty the red stands for hardiness and bravery and blue stands for vigilance, truth, loyalty, justice and perseverance.

Traditional Holidays

A traditional holiday is Czechoslovak. Czechoslovak is a celebration of the founding day of Czech Republic.

Traditional food

One of Czech Republic's famous dishes is the traditional roast pork with dumplings and sauerkraut.

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