John Dalton

The Atomic Theory

A little about him

Born in Sept.6,1844 in Eaglesfield,Cumberland,England.

Died-Jul 27, 1844 (at age 77) in Manchester, England

Nationality-EnglishDalton, being color blind himself, wrote a paper on color blindness.

“Father of Modern Chemistry”

Dalton was the youngest child in his family who survived till adulthood.

A final stroke came on the night of July 26, 1844 (being the cause of his death)

Dalton was an English chemist and teacher who used experimental evidence to form the atomic theory of matter

Dalton had a great interest in meteorology and the atmosphere. This led him to the study of gases and forming the atomic theory.

He also explained that atoms cannot be created or destroyed

He submitted two papers, books.

“Daltonism” was referred commonly to color blindness.

Dalton, being color blind himself, wrote a paper on color blindness, explaining how these people perceive things and why. This paper later became very famous.
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