Soccer Coach

Kevin Conrad

Being a Professional Soccer Coach

In order to become a good soccer coach, you should have a passion for the game, and should be able to communicate with youth players adult players. You should be able to teach and work with all kinds of people. Also you should want to be at practice, games, and meetings. Lastly soccer coaches must have great communication skills with all of there players and other coaches.

About the Job

There is some travel involved in being a Soccer Coach. If you coach a professional soccer club you will be taking planes and be staying in hotels all the time. That is also the case with collage clubs too. There are not a lot of dangers involved in this job. Your life is not at risk most of the time. Some advantages of this job are that you sometimes do get to travel and that's great if you like travel. You also are getting paid to coach the sport and game you love.

What a person needs for this job

A person should have a degree in Sport Science for this career. Also in soccer there different licenses for each country. There is a picture of the different USA levels of soccer coaches licenses. Two services or things where you can receive training for this career are studying in other countries because that's where soccer originated and you could also be an assistant coach to learn about the game. Also below is a clip on the game of soccer and how it should be coached.
Soccer Tips & Moves : About Effective Soccer Coaching