Wednesday Minis

April 22, 2015


  • Mixer with Sig Chi - Thursday
  • 4 way mixer with Chi Phi, Phi Mu, and the Club Ski Team - Friday
  • Appointed Officer Applications Due - April 22
  • Greek Awards - April 24 11:30am @ WSH Memorial Room
  • Mili's Dance-a-thon - April 25 7-10pm @ Pixel
  • PC '15 RT meeting - April 26 after chapter
  • Formal - April 26 7:30-11pm @ Lakewatch
  • Girl Scout Event - May 2 12-3pm
  • Senior Wills! - May 5th @ Llenroc
  • Seniors: sign up for: KD Field Days (May 2) and Wine Tour (May 20)

Panhel and external philanthropy events this week


President - Tarina DeRito

Good evening sisters! I have a quick blurb from Alex Hall, who would like to try and re-affiliate with our chapter.

Hi everyone -

As some of you may know, last year I was placed on a one year leave from Kappa Delta Sorority. I have chosen to apply for reaffiliation with National KD, as well as with Omega Chi.

I have written a very heartfelt letter, which will be read out loud on Sunday at chapter. Following this letter, there will be a vote on whether you would like to accept me back into KD. This requires a UNANIMOUS vote by the chapter, which I realize is going to be very difficult...

I know that a few of us have had our problems in the past, but I would just like to emphasize how much being a part of KD changed my life - and how much I miss it, as well as all of you. I hope that the letter manages to shed some light on where I was emotionally and mentally last year, and how far I have come.

Love always in AOT,

Alex Joy Hall

We will be voting on her re-affiliation this Sunday so attendance is extremely important. If you have questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to contact me.

Love in AOT,


VP Membership - Carson Denbow

Hi ladies,

I just wanted to thank the live-in girls who were able to meet with myself and Tarina on Monday. We really appreciated your feedback!

PC15, don't forget that there is MANDATORY Recruitment Training this Sunday after chapter. If you cannot attend, you must send me (not Madeline) and email at with a valid excuse by Thursday night at11:59pm. I hope you are all excited!

peace, love & recruitment,


VP OPERATIONS - Jen Mandelblatt

Hi Lovely Ladies,

Thank you to everyone who applied for Appointed Officer Positions. I am blown away by your enthusiasm to take on leadership roles within our chapter. This is but another reminder of how wonderful you ladies are. We are excited to read your letters and decisions will be out within the next week.

In addition, there will be an "Enlarging our world" member education event after chapter this Sunday.




Makin' Moves for Mili:

  • THIS SATURDAY! 7-10 PM. Pixel. Wear a costume if you wanna be silly and hip. Be there or be full of regrets.
  • I will have both wristbands and bracelets on me at all times for the rest of the week, so feel free to stop me and get some! If not, there are bracelets and wristbands in my room (Room 20). If you take one, please leave a note for me (and money, if applicable).
  • For those of you who don't have time to get one before the event, I will have bracelets at the door of Pixel for you! Those will still be $5, because you're a sister <3 But if your friends go to the door to get a wristband, it will be $7! If they Venmo me beforehand, they can get their wristband at the door at the discounted rate.
  • My number is (209)678-4275 if you have any questions

External Philanthropy Spotlight: SigEp's Duck Derby

  • When: Saturday, May 2nd, 1 PM - 4 PM @ 109 McGraw Place
  • Who: Proceeds go to the local YMCA
  • What: Rubber ducky races. You bid on certain numbers (the ducks have numbers written on the bottom of them) by buying a duck. If your duck wins, you win a prize. You can also buy t-shirts at the event.

Other external philanthropies: Delta Chi's Roll on the Knoll, Pi Phi's Lollipops for Literacy, Rockledge's Let Hope Rainn, Fiji Luiji, and AZD's Chill by the Grill

VP PR - Maple Chen

invite your friends & share the event

that's all

ps s/o to stacy and emma for the sicky gnar apparel B)

peace, love, fruits with sunglasses,


VP Standards - Madeline Miceli

Hello Ladies,

  • Three more days until formal!!
  • Please keep on signing up your dates on the google doc!
  • In addition, please choose a buddy for formal. We are going to be using the buddy system, which means if you, your date, your buddy, or your buddy’s date must go home, you all must go home.
  • Remember to pace yourselves at your pre games and EAT DINNER before!!
  • All attendees OVER AND UNDER 21 must remember two forms of identification (one government-issued that proves date of birth) for admittance into formal.That’s all for now! :)

Madeline <3

Panhellenic Delegate - Josselyn Tsai

Greek Freak 2015 Triple S Show

Come watch the Multicultural Greek Organizations in a performance/competition in which our 13 MGLC fraternities and sororities step, stroll, and salute!

5 Women from each chapter must attend!

When: May 2, 2015 at 8:00PM

Where: Duffield Hall
Tickets: $3
Facebook event:

Krista DePew’s 3rd Annual Memorial Softball Tournament with Alpha Phi

Registration cost: $10-$12

When: Sunday, May 3rd from 1:30-3:30pm

Where: Appel Fields

Tri-Council Blood Drive

When: May 4th from 10am-3pm

Where: Barton Hall

Kappa Alpha Theta’s Rock the Casa 2015

Beach Volleyball Tournament Sign up in teams of four:! The registration fee is $5 per person. The winning team will receive a **$200 mystery prize revealed after the tournament!

When: May 1 from 3-6pm

Where: Sigma Pi

Tickets: $10 early bird or $12 at the door. Buy here:

Facebook event:

Kappa Kappa Gamma NoMad Truck May 4th

When: May 4th

Where: Kappa Kappa Gamma House

Greek Giving Olympics

Which chapter will have the highest participation and be crowned winner of the Greek Giving Olympics?!

Prizes: The top three chapters from each council will be recognized at the Greek Awards Ceremony Friday April 24th.
Each chapter with the highest participation from each Council (MGLC, IFC, and Panhellenic) will receive a PIZZA PARTY and be recognized at an end of the year reception with President Skorton and Cornell Trustees and most importantly be crowned THE winner of the Greek Giving Olympics.

When: April 20-April 24

Facebook Page:

Give Now:


Greeks Go Green Chairs

We hope everyone had a great Earth Day today! Here are some Earthy quotes to reflect upon:

"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” -- Lao Tzu

“A true conservationist is a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers, but borrowed from his children.” -- John James Audubon


Hey guys! So we managed to get a mixer Friday and I hope you're excited as we are! Also please continue to fill out the social survey, we appreciate your feedback!

And if anyone ever has anyone social-related questions or issues, feel free to hit us up!

THURSDAY- Sig Chi @ 10 pm Theme: NEON

The mixer will be held at their annex 118 Cook in Ctown.

FRIDAY - Four way with Chi Phi, Phi Mu, and the Club Ski Team @ 10 pm Theme: Skiers and Snowboarders!

The mixer will be at 207 Linden in Ctown.

****Thank you to our awesome sober monitor volunteers! If you change your mind about sobering, please find a replacement!

Don’t forget about sober driving also! Leave your name and phone number in the sober column!


See you ALL there!!!!

xoxo socialz