What does Stargirl show D.C students about kindness?


Always be positive

Stargirl is always smiling to people even though when people are teasing her. Stargirl is weird, but she doesn't care how people think of her, she is being herself.

How can we also be kind?

The main thing is to be positive no matter what. Care for others when they have a hard time, don't let them feel alone. Think for others, not just thinking for yourself.


"'When the other team scores point, and you see how happy it makes all their fans, doesn't it make you happy, too?''' (Spinelli, 2000, pg.64)

Explanation of Quote

This quote shows that Stargirl is thinking for other team, and cheered for them but not her own team. She thinks for others and she still smile when her own team members teases her.

Why is Kindness important?

Kindness is important because if there's no more kindness in the world, everyone will be mean to each other. They will hurt each other's feelings and they will all be sad. The world will became a negative world. So it's really important to have kindness, we should all be kind to each other, make people feel happy.

What does Stargirl teach D.C students about kindness

Stargirl shows her kindness to D.C student by being positive, smile to people and always be nice. Help them when they had a hard time, we should all learn from Stargirl.
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