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Excellence In All We Do - February 12th

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Happy Counselors Week!

Please take a moment to wish Mrs. April Woodburn a Happy Counselor's Week! Okay, so yes, it was actually last week...but let's not be too picky!

Mrs. Woodburn is a true asset for our campus and the care and love she shows our students is amazing!

Anyone have a spare refrigerator??

Our concession stand refrigerator stopped working right before our last game, so we are needing to replace it.

Any help replacing it would be AMAZING!

Please contact me at if you have any ideas.

Football District

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Basketball/Volleyball District

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Girl's Basketball - Season Wrap Up!

This past week our middle school girls wrapped up their season and what a season it was. We had nearly 30 players in the program between 7th and 8th grade. Practices started each morning at 7:00 am so it was a huge commitment by players and parents alike to make this happen. The coaches really appreciated the dedication.

The focus going into the first practice and through the last game was to play smart, play hard, and have fun. We as coaches feel like this happened on all teams. This is an incredible group of student athletes.

Highlights for the season:

All teams played in a Saturday tournament in January with Marble Falls, Burnett, and Farley Middle school(Hutto)

7B had one loss on the season and won their bracket at the Burnett tournament as well as being district champions.

8B took just 5 players to each game throughout the season. The season record was not what they hoped for in terms of wins and losses but they competed admirably. Individually they each showed great improvement to the point where several of them were demonstrators of skills in practice.

7A had a very successful season as they went undefeated and ended the season 10-0. This included tournament championships at Burnett and Districts. Each game we improved our mental growth, team skills and our fundamentals The resilience and determination the players showed was admirable.

Speaking of determination, the 8A team showed great growth and grit the whole year. Playing the year with only 7 players, the team finished the season 5-5 including district runner up. The improvement from 7th grade to 8th was profound.

The coaches truly appreciated all the sacrifices made be everyone involved in the team. It was an enjoyable and memorable season.

Coach Weyant,

Coach Gonzales,

Coach Rague

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We are midway through February! And, as we go into the Spring, that also means that testing is coming up sooner than later. Here is the Benchmark schedule:

Thursday, March 3rd - 8th Grade Science

Friday, March 4th - 8th Grade Social Studies

Tuesday, March 8th - 6, 7 and 8 Math

Wednesday, March 9th - 6, 7 and 8 Reading

Thursday, March 10th - Algebra I


We have had more iPads broken this year than we have ever seen before, and I realize that we've had issues with the cases, and we are giving iPads to middle school students, but we are already over budget for the year.

Please talk to your students about properly caring for their are a few simple solutions:

1) Don't throw your backpack with the iPad in it.

2) Be careful where you are charging it - make sure no can trip on the cord, or if they do, it doesn't fall.

3) Don't put it on the edge of your desk.

We realize that accidents will happen, but we are asking for help in order to prevent as much as possible.

Thanks, TEA!

We've been selected by TEA to do a STAAR field test, and here is more information.

Several requirements of House Bill 3906, which came out of the 2019 Legislative session, called for a redesign of the STAAR assessments that will be implemented in the 2022-2023 school year. The redesign includes several of the following components:

  • Transitioning to online assessments
  • Adding writing to the reading language arts assessments
  • Capping the number of multiple-choice questions
  • Adding new items types

As with any redesign to STAAR assessments, TEA creates Stand Alone Field Tests that schools must participate in if chosen. This year Lago Vista ISD was chosen to participate in the field tests. All 3rd and 6th grade students were selected to participate in the reading field test in February. Participation in the field test is mandatory for all students enrolled in the grade levels chosen by TEA. The purpose of this field test is to determine whether the questions are appropriate and should be included in the test bank when creating the 2022-2023 STAAR assessments.

We will give the test on Wednesday, February 16.

Deliveries - ESPECIALLY on Valentine's Day

Just a reminder about deliveries to campus(straight from the Handbook):

Parents are requested not to bring items to be delivered to students during the instructional day. In the event that an item is given to the front office, it will be delivered to the student in the manner that least impacts instruction. Parents may not personally make deliveries to classrooms. No flowers or gift items will be delievered until the end of the instructional day.

Students may not have food delivered to school from commercial establishments(Uber Eats, Domino's, etc). Parents may provide meals for their own child's consumption during designated meal times only. In the event a parent delivers a meal for a student to the front office, the student will be allowed to pick it up during his/her lunch time. A parent/guardian may only bring food/drink for their child - a parent/guardian may not bring food/drink for their child's friends.

Thank you for helping!

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Basketball Update

This week the eighth grade basketball team played Blanco at our last home game. The first quarter was off to a slow start with Blanco taking an early lead. The second third and fourth quarter was a constant battle back-and-forth between Blanco and Lago Vista. At the end, Lago Vista lost by five points at the ending moments of the game. Offensively and defensively everyone on the team held their own and contributed. Everyone worked together as a team and going forward we hope to use this in district on Saturday. Hopefully on Saturday Lago Vista‘s eighth grade will come home district champions.

7th Grade, B Game and District Tournament reports coming soon!

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Construction Update!

This week, the construction crews have been installing new drain pipes in the upper gym. We appreciate their help in keeping our basketball teams safe while we practice.

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Student Registration Forms


If you have not done so, it is important that you complete the annual registration process ASAP. This must be completed each year because these forms provide us with important permissions and information that must be provided annually. Students without completed registration forms will begin to lose certain privileges until they are completed, so please take a moment to submit those forms in Ascender.


Todos los formularios de registro también están en español. Para continuar en español, hay un menú desplegable en la esquina superior derecha de la página de inicio de sesión para cambiar al español.

If you enrolled your student during summer enrollment, you must still complete annual registration forms. If you don't see your enrolled student when you log in, an Ascender Parent Portal ID is needed in order to link to your student and complete the annual registration forms.

Please email your campus registrar to receive your student's Ascender Parent Portal ID. Please note that there may be slight delays in answering requests during peak times, such as this, but we will get it to you as quickly as possible!

Once you receive your student's Ascender Parent Portal ID from the campus registrar, please log into Ascender Parent Portal, select "Link to Enrolled Student", and enter the Parent Portal ID and the student's date of birth.


In order to complete forms or update data for a student, the email address you have listed in Ascender Parent Portal must match what we have in our system. If you can see your student, but can't update any information, those email addresses do not match. We recommend updating and verifying your email address in Ascender Parent Portal. If you need us to change your email address in our system, please email and your campus registrar. You will be asked to provide your student's full name, date of birth, and grade level for verification purposes.


See the Quick Guide to Setting Up Ascender Parent Portal below for more information or email

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Cell Phones

As many of you know, our cell phone policy for students is to turn them off and put them in their back packs during the day. This is EXTREMELY difficult for our students to follow, but I feel that it's very important that students be disconnected from their phones throughout the day.

Please remember that cell phones are not allowed during school hours. Phones must be turned off and in their backpacks. If your child needs to contact you, they may come to the front office to use the office phone or bring their personal phone to the front office, where they are allowed to use it.

If you need to communicate with your child during the day, you can email your child on their ipads, using their school email -

Remember that if you call the front office, we will be happy to deliver any messages to your child. Less disruption in the classrooms, the better!

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Check out the upcoming production of FROZEN JR. by Lake Travis Music Theatre Rising Stars.

The cast of this production includes over 50 kids from kindergarten through 12th grade and most of them are LVISD students.

You can view the cast here:

February 25th and 26th @ 7:00pm

February 27th @ 2:00pm

LVISD Performing Arts Center

Tickets are $10 and available at or at the door.

News and Notes From The Office

Attendance & Nurse - Please email or contact the nurse if your child is home ill. Also, please make sure if your child calls you not feeling well, they must check in with the nurse before leaving due to COVID protocol.

Ext. 2505

Boys Athletics - If your son is in last period athletics and you need to pick them up, we ask that you pick them up BEFORE 3PM.

School Time - Please remember that we teach from "bell to bell" each day and when you pull your student(s) out early or they arrive late to school, they miss valuable class time. Thank you for understanding!

Here is the bell schedule...first bell starts at 8:00 AM!

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Who Do I Contact?

We try to be excellent problem solvers here at LVMS, so if you have questions, let us help!

If you have questions about registrations, contact:

Monica Kaiser @

Schedules? Counselor April Woodburn @

Bus? Transportation Director Lisa Gordon @

Logistical Questions? Secretary Sue Kunze @

You can contact myself( or our Assistant Principal Kim Bentley ( with any questions you need help with as well.


One way pick up!

iPad and Charger on Tuesday - Bring charger on Wednesday and iPad charged 100%.