Collins' Corner

March 23, 2015

Important Dates to Remember

March 23 - 26 - Food Drive (second grade brings granola bars or individual size fruit snacks)

March 24 - Pro Kids Show (6:00 and 7:15)

March 30 - April 6 - Spring Break

April 8 - Report cards issued

Please note...

  • Click here to view a video created by the Leadership Team regarding the food drive this week.

Language Arts

This week in spelling we are discussing open and closed syllables. When a syllable ends with a long vowel sound, it is an open syllable (pa per), and when a syllable has a short vowel and ends with a consonant, it is a closed syllable (win ter).

This week in language arts, we will publish our I Am poems and finish reading and discussing tall tales. We will also discuss contractions this week.


In math this week, we will continue working with measurement, and will begin working with the metric system, specifically centimeters and meters. There will be a fact test this week. Please be sure to help your child study for this test.

Social Studies/Science

This week we will complete our social studies unit on heritage and cultural contributions. When we return from Spring Break, we will begin a science unit on animals.