Immigrants move to Minnesota

Indian immigrants

Push and pull factors

Indian immigrants came to Minnesota because of bad economy,bad education for there children and a lot of people said there wisent very good stores such as good food like the grocery stores.Some pull factors would be a good environment,better jobs,better schools, and much better stores

Ravensteins laws

-Most immigrants are adults and there all about 20-30 yrs old because there going to college

-migrants traveling to long distances usually settle in urban areas

Issues in MN

Some issues in MN would be bad weather for the people that haven't lived here before and they won't be used to this kind of cold weather I the winter. and the immigrants that are coming to get jobs they might not all get jobs here because oft he back round they have. or Mabel they didn't get all the education they kneeled to get.

Location and jobs

Over 3,000 Indian immigrants live in Minneapolis and haved stayed there forever. Indian immigrants say they love to live in Minneapolis because there so much to in there town and it's some places there's a nice envoriment