1861 April 12, blood has been spilled

Tensions are high and war has begun

Tensions have been high and now the south has fired the first shots! They wanted to take over the fort we control in SC. They are so hard headed! Is slavery worth going to war against us?! We are no doubt more powerful than the south! Let us end the southern pride once and for all! Join the battle so that we can finally shut them up!


Who's on Our Side..?

We have the GREAT Abe Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant(beast), the great state of New York, Maine, and of course New Hampshire. All of these huge leaders and states are why we cannot lose this fight!

Our Advantages

Unlike the South, we have factories that produce weapons for our advantage. We outnumber the small south. The South has untrained farmers. We have the right leaders that will lead us to victory. Our transportation will make the south unable to compete with us!
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