World War 1

Jesus Gamez and Estevan Contreras

Time frame

World war 1 began in 1914 but the United states was not a part of it.

In 1916 Germans attempted to ''bleed France white''.

In 1917 Germans sank the Lasilania then the United states got involved.

The war ended in 1918 more then 70 million military personnel were mibilised

texas history notes May 4

Social problems of the movement

1.In the war the U.S lost between 600,000 and 1,000,000 American soldiers

2. The Germans created 25 death camps for the Jews and U.S. American soldiers

3. Women and children were drowned in the Black Sea to their own death.

social issues of WW1

Leader of the movement and their background

Sgt Alvin C. York

he silenced a German battalion of 35 machine guns ,killed 25 enemy soldiers and captured 132 ''.

What was the goal of the movement

Germans wanted to build and empire in Europe

Germans also wanted to Anex land from Belgium

Germans wanted dominant power in Europe

World War 1 in 3 minutes 1914-1918 WW1