By: Michael Jones

God of metalworking

Early Life

his parents are Zeus and Hera. But Zeus is not his true father because hera had him without Zeus because hera was mad at Zeus because he had another child with out her. so she got back with and had Hephaestus. But when Hephaestus was born he was ugly and lame so Hera took him and threw him of Mount Olympus. When Hephaestus hit the water his leg was made even worst so now he can walk with it very well unless he has a cain. Eventually Eurynome and Thetis found him and help him with his heath and hide him in a cave and had him work on metal working.

Later years

hephaistos was married to a beautiful goddess of love aphrodite. but she was unfaithful to him and she had many other lovers including Ares. he still worked in a blacksmith like place. His workshop was located under mount etna, the volcano in sicily



He used his art for many things like making weapons for all the warriors and also he made some to get back ant people. some legends say that he used his art to make a trap for his mom becuase of what she did to him and the way she was let out was because Zeus made Hephaetus let her go. He also had it get back at Ares for cheating with his wife

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