Kaylee Jeffrey

Facts About HIV & AIDS in Africa

•Sub-Saharan Africa is home to 69 percent of the total world HIV-positive population

•In Sub-Saharan Africa, life-expectancy is 54.4 years of age because of HIV &AIDS.

•Because of HIV & AIDS, some counties in Africa have a life-expectancy is below 49 years of age

•Of the world's HIV-positive population, 91 percent lives in Africa

•Approximately 15 million children under 18 have lost one or both parents to AIDS. Of these, nearly 12 million live in Sub-Saharan Africa.

•2007 UNAIDS report estimated just under 12 percent of South Africa had HIV/AIDS

•Sub-Saharan Africa is the most affected region

•In Sub-Saharan Africa, nearly 1 in every 20 adults live with HIV