5th Grade Math lab

January- Fraction

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Number Line Fractions

Students will use the posters on the math lab wall to label the location of fractions, find equivalent fractions, and compare fractions. If students finish early, there is a QR code at the center of the tables they can scan to play a game with number line fractions.
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Thinking Blocks

Students will use the iPad to work on the thinking blocks app about adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators. This is also something students can work on in the room at this link. There is a QR code in the center of the table for early finishers.
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Cuisenaire Rods

Students will get cuisenaire rods to model fractions. They will work through this link- slide 2- with their teacher. They will then use the cuisenaire rods and the link to complete the remaining problems with their partner. Teacher is available for help, and answers are recorded on the recording sheet.
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Center 1

Here is a link to the game we will play with placing the fractions on a # line! You could use it back in the room as we will most likely not get to it.

Center 2

Here is a link to the games we will play if we have time at center 2. They may be a good follow up back in the room.

Center 3

Once students are back in the room- this activity is a great extension for using Cuisenaire rods like we did at center 3.