Lucite Tables

Lucite Coffee Tables

Lucite Coffee Tables

You can make certain that in the event that you look long enough you can discover an end table of any piece, however a standout amongst the most mainstream new patterns is Lucite foot stools. These tables add an exquisite style to any space they involve. These tables range from the carefully basic waterfall acrylic to multifaceted tables of colored Lucite that positively are bits of craftsmanship.

What Is Lucite Tables

Take, for example, a Vladimir Kagan Burl wood, glass and Lucite table around 1970. This ravishing table stands 15 ¾ inches tall and has a profundity of 42 ¾ inches. The wood and glass top setting on Lucite legs is a rich bit of workmanship that has a pragmatic reason.


In the event that your décor is, some more laid back you may be all the more in the business for a Lucite end table called the lily cushion. This perfect table has a lily cushion formed top created out of Lucite. Everywhere, the top vines and blooms have been scratched into it.

Transitioning a more tasteful look is the light blue tinted Lucite on a spiraling Lucite base these are unquestionably exemplary pieces.

Wild Side

The decisions in acrylic are really endless, for the nature significant other, there is a complete gathering of natural life figure tables that will shock you. Made by Christopher Pardell the first in the arrangement is called "In the middle of Earth and Sky". This flawless table is 20 inches tall, with a 24-inch width top of thick glass. The base is a grand Lucite design that resembles an ice shelf, appearing to buoy smoothly above is a metal model of a falcon ready to snatch his prey. A positively shocking piece.


One lovely piece that you can look over is a polished J formed mixed drink table in gem tones with sloped edges that provide for it an octagonal feel. This is one of those tables that you need to take home on the spot. Furthermore it is not just the ravishing shade of translucent blue that gets your attention, the legs themselves look as though they are little gems stacked one on an alternate. Wonderful is the best word to depict these eminent Lucite end table.

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