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March 2020

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Coursework Reimbursement for High Ability Licensure

Awards announced soon!

The higher education course reimbursement opportunity created a great response from the field and many requests were received. Submissions from administrators will be reviewed over the next couple of weeks, and award announcements are expected by the end of March.


High Ability Students and Introversion

Thirty to 50 percent of the population are introverts. However, according to the Gifted Development Center, up to 60 percent in the gifted population are introverts. This percent increases as the level of ability increases resulting in up to 75 percent of the highly gifted presenting as introverts.

The typical school environment is geared toward the extrovert. It is filled with motion, sound, and seas of interaction. In his article, "Make Your Class Friendly for Gifted Introverts", Ian Byrd describes numerous environmental factors that should be considered in order to best meet the needs of the high ability introvert.

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Workshop: Addressing the Social and Emotional Needs of High Ability Learners

May 13 at Conner Prairie, Fishers, Indiana

Join Dr. Ginny Burney and Dr. Kristie Speirs Neumeister as they unravel the social and emotional characteristics of high ability students. Learn strategies and share resources to best address these differing needs. Receive materials to develop a framework for a district Guidance and Counseling Plan.

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Curriculum Compacting

High ability students often enter a classroom having already mastered some of the grade-level content. Compacting is a way to make appropriate curricular adjustments for those students who can already show mastery of content. Educators must clearly articulate learning outcomes and objectives at the forefront of a curricular unit. Once the learning goals are defined, students should be given an opportunity to show their understanding of skills and concepts in order to move into new, enriched content and activities.

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Survey Assessment

High ability coordinators were asked to participate in a professional development needs assessment that closed on February 14. The results of this survey are being tabulated and will assist the Indiana Department of Education Office of High Ability in constructing a professional development plan for Indiana educators. These results will be shared in the April edition of Aspire Higher.


High Ability Education: Infusing Higher Order Thinking & Problem Solving in core Content Areas

May 12 at Conner Prairie, Fishers, Indiana

This workshop, led by gifted education consultants, Dr. Ginny Burney and Dr. Kristie Speirs Neumeister, focuses on how to use instructional strategies and techniques to enrich core content with higher order thinking and problem solving. Learn valuable questioning methods and problem solving approaches that can be used at all grade levels.

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Cash Requests

June 1 Cash Request Deadline

The entire allotment of the approved grant can be requested up front, and all funds must be requested prior to the deadline of June 1.

Funds can be requested by filling out a cash request form and emailing the form to

  • Please keep detailed records of each of your expenditures and ensure purchases are designed to enhance the educational experience of your high ability students.

Grant Amendments

A grant amendment should be requested if there is a significant change to the programming delineated in the approved grant and/or there is a desired change in any line item greater than 10 percent.

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AP Testing Window

May 4-8 and May 11-15

All 2020 AP Exams will be administered during this two week testing period. College Board has published all exam dates, times, and fees.

  • Click here for the 2020 AP Exam schedule.

AP Annual conference

July 16-19 Boston, Massachusetts

Registration is now open for the annual AP conference that brings together AP and Pre-AP educators from around the country to learn, share, and connect on the most current AP Program information.

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Mock Training Exam

8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Thursday, March 19

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Indianapolis, IN

The Mock Exam Training is open to all AP math, science, and English teachers to hear from a College Board Reader on how the AP Exams are scored.

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AP Fridays at Purdue during the Spring 2020 semester.

March 6, 13; April 10, 17; May 1, 8 at Purdue West Lafayette Campus

The purpose of these lab sessions is to provide schools with the time and support needed to conduct suggested AP Labs in a guided-inquiry format on a college campus. Participation in one of the scheduled labs would help to ensure AP students have access to necessary resources outlined in the AP curriculum frameworks that are requirements of the AP Course Audit. The AP Lab sessions are FREE to any participating high school that registers to attend. Space is limited, so class registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

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REGISTER NOW to attend one of the two Advanced Placement Summer Institutes offered in Indiana this July.


July 7 -10 at Pike High School, Indianapolis, Indiana

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The Indiana Academy at Ball State University: APSI

July 13-16 at The Indiana Academy, Muncie, Indiana

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A Note from the High Ability and Advanced Placement Specialist

Enjoy the beauty of the emerging crocuses as they begin poking into view across the state. Allow the light of spring to find you, warm you, and let you shine!

Whitney Coake

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