Leo Messi

Rosario, Argentina June, 24 1987-???


As a young child Leo Messi would play soccer with his older brothers Matias and Rodrigo, sometimes his parents Jorge and Celia would play too!! They helped him get so far skill-wise. That is why you see him in La Liga today!! (That is the league he plays for)

What Team Does he Play for?

Well Leo Messi actually plays for 2 teams. You might know him for playing for FC Barcelona, but what you might not know is that he plays for Argentina in the world cup!! He plays for them in the world cup because he was born in Argentina! Scroll down to see pictures and a video for you.
Super Little Messi, The Incredible Child
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Leo Messi's Rewards

Leo Messi has gotten 4-5 Ballon d'or rewards!! Best player in Europe award twice!!
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