ILEAP Charity Announces New Session

Come to ILEAP's Crafty Cafe and make gifts to sell at Market

What is the ILEAP Crafty Cafe.

This new Crafty Cafe is designed to give our Members a positive and worthwhile experience, building their confidence and raising their self esteem.

Members will learn new skills by making great things to go on the ILEAP Market Stall and online Markets.

These gifts will help raise money for the ILEAP Charity and fund all the great work we do.

Whats it all About?

After the success of the ILEAP Market Stall at the local Festivals, the ILEAP Charity aim to empower small groups of ILEAP friends so that they can get creative and work on various projects, making fun and exciting items to sell at local Markets.

We will have an occasional Market Stall at local Markets where we will sell all the great things we have made. This will help to raise money for the Charity.

ILEAP Members will be able to help out on the Stall on various occasions throughout the year.

What will we do at the session?

The ILEAP Crafty Cafe will be relaxed and fun, with drinks and healthy snacks.

We will be making Gifts to sell on the ILEAP Market Stall, such as Cushions, Bunting, Aprons, Craft Jars, Button Pictures, and all things Shabby Chic.

The items we create will be sold and all the profits will help ILEAP to continue doing their great work.

Where & When will the sessions take place?

Starting at the beginning of February 2016, the sessions will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during term time.

Tuesday: Kenilworth Youth Centre

Wednesday: Tyler Street Youth Centre, Stratford-upon-Avon

Thursday: Kenilworth Youth Centre

All sessions run from 10am -3pm during term time and must be pre-booked.

Members can come all day or:

morning, 10am -12.00pm

afternoon, 1pm -3pm!

How Much will it cost?

The Crafty Cafe will cost £30.00 for the day, and include all the materials and free drinks and snacks.

Morning or Afternoon sessions will cost £20 per session.

All sessions must be pre-booked.

If you want to bring your DBS checked carer, thats fine, Carers are free.

How do i join?

Please get in touch for further information about joining ILEAP's Crafty Cafe.

There are limited places available.