Chapter 2

by Jake Jorgensen and Bryce tallmen

The Three Main Rock Types

The three main types of rocks consist of igneous,sedimentary, and metamorphic.

Igneous shoots out of a volcano and after a long period of time hardens. Sedimentary Rocks are formed by sediment in rivers get stacked up on top of each other and pressure form a brand new rock called a sedimentary rock. Last but not least the metamorphic rock. It is formed when heat and pressure start to break down a rock and eventually melts to form a metamorphic rock.

The Soil Layers

There are five soil layers the top soil, A Horizon, B Horizon, C Horizon, and Bedrock. The top layer is called the litter layer. Horizon A is the top soil where all the roots and burrowing animals are. Horizon B is the subsoil and where decomposes live. Horizon C is were rock fragments are. Bedrock is very solid rock where water can't go through.

Weathering and Erosion

There are two types of weathering Mechanical weathering and chemical weathering. Mechanical weathering happens by wind,dust,and other small materials that can be blown around in the wind and hit bigger rocks slowly chipping away at it.Chemical weathering happen when carbon dioxide and water vape mix together to from an acid rain the effect plants and animals.

The End