Problem Types Through Educreations!

We can learn from each other!

What will they be doing?

My students will further their understanding of addition and subtraction by teaching each other about different types of problems. They will make an Educreations video in a small group with guidance from me.

How will they do it?

Each small group will be assigned a different problem type (example: add to result unknown, put together/take apart both addends unknown). The group will then be responsible for modeling through an Educreations video how to solve that problem type. They can choose to come up with their own problem, or I will help them come up with a problem to use as their example.
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Why will we do it?

The goal of this project will be to help students understand different addition and subtraction problem types on a deeper level as they explain it to their peers. They will utilize the "mindtool" of Educreations to help them present their problem type. Educreations allows students to overlay voice on video, as well as to "pause" the video stream in order to draw multiple things and then show them all at once. Students will be given the opportunity to learn from each group's videos rather than having all of the problem types modeled by me. Hopefully, this will help the entire class stay more engaged, on task, and focused on their learning because their peers are the ones doing the work!

How will it be assessed?

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21st Century Skills and Mindtools

Students will need to be able to utilize iPad technology effectively to create a video explaining their problem type. Students will also need to understand how to communicate their ideas clearly. They will have the opportunity to revise and edit their group work to create the most effective product. This project can be a launching pad for future use of Educreations and other virtual presentation tools as students continue through school.

Educreations is a helpful mindtool that allows students to share their work while providing vocal reinforcement of what they are illustrating. Students are given the opportunity to collaborate with each other while creating videos and they can use the tools within Educreations to manipulate their drawings to best demonstrate their problem type.

How can this be used in other ways?

Presentation skills are necessary for students throughout school and in life beyond school. Virtual projects can be created and used as learning tools in any grade and for any subject. When students have to explain academic content to their peers, they have to develop a deeper understanding of the material in order to effectively share what they have learned.