Are Stem Cells Right for You?

By: Clarissa Moland, Jazmyne Josse, and Julia Sanchez

Stem Cells

Stem cells are cells that can divide into specialized cells through mitosis. They are found in multi-cellular plants and animals. The types of stem cells include embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells.

Pro- It Has Worked Quite Well

Clarissa-Once you lose something you can not get it back- is now a dead term. in the case of Matthew Uram he got third degree burns on his hand, face, and arms. He went to the hospital on Friday night where the used a Skin Gun. The skin gun sprayed stem cells to Matthew's burns and then the nurses bandaged him up. Like I said before, stem cells generate into new cells. On Monday he came back with news and his burns had healed completely. The skin gun healed his gun in three days.

Con- It may not always work out

Jazmyne- Patients often go into hospitals and have high hopes that their procedure is going to come out successful. Forty-nine percent of the time they come out or get their results and end up being disappointed.
Julia- Studies show that stem cells have a great chance of not working.

Pro- Healthier Than You Know!

Clarissa-Stem cells are risky and unhealthy claim health inspectors, who most likely found their degree in a trashcan. The risk could be it causes growths, cyst, and is another form of abortion. The growths and cysts are normally completely benign. The growths are hair in unormal places or a tooth, but shave the hair and get your tooth pulled Duh! Cancer has shown up in rats BUT answer me this- are we rats? No! And cancerous tumors are not as harmful if caught early. Embryonic stem cells are fertilized female eggs that are less then a week in to their "life".How can you kill what is not really alive?!! Embryonic stem cells are way more effective than adult stem cell therapy. Do you want to die trying to save the life of something that does not have one or live and not feel stupid? Stem cells obviously do not cause dehabilitating affects and create horrid problems. If it is still legal is it that risky?

Con- How Many Lives Will It Take?

Julia- Stem cells are risking thousands of lives yearly.
Jazmyne- Not everything is healthy. Even though stem cells are provided by doctors, they could be unhealthy. So basically , while you are trying to get a procedure to cure your disease, there is a risk that you could get more sickness than you already have! you never know, the procedure and cell used to protect may also cause destruction.

Pro- Money Isn't An Object

It should not matter how much the procedures cost, as long as you get to save your loved one. Your mother is about to die from spinal cord deterioration and you want to let her die or get a stem cell surgery. Some would say this is waste but is it waste to try to save your loved one! Is it a waste to try to let 'em suffer while you watch? Is it a waste to TRY!! I didn't think so. Stem Cells are said to create more problems then they solve but that isn't true according to Jessica Stynvelkonshire a sugeon in England. She says "Stem cells treat 80+ diseases and are better than radiation and current drug treatments. Stem Cells can be affordable for most people... and will not let you down"

Con- Why Waste Your Money?

Jazmyne- not everybody has the money for high priced technologies used for stem cells. There are only certain privilages to certain people with money. not every body has the opportunity to get stem cell treatment.