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March 31, 2017


Here is your bi-weekly Falcon Report. We hope you enjoy it! Don't forget to check out our website and Facebook page. We like to keep them as up-to-date as possible with information that you'll be interested in. We hope that you'll enjoy keeping up with our school's happenings as the year goes along.

From the District Administrator's Office

Next Tuesday, April 4th will be the election for our Board of Education. Three seats are open, and we have five candidates running. In addition to the three incumbents, Darrell Gago, Julie Hauser, and Rick Kenealy, Danielle Zimmer and Sam Stewart are also running. We appreciate the willingness of all of the candidates to step forward and serve our school district.

I encourage all of our voting-eligible residents to go to the polls and vote. If you weren't able to attend or watch yet, the forum that the candidates participated in is available via a link on our website and Facebook page. It is a great way to hear from the candidates, and why you should choose them for these very important positions.

-- Mr. Hanson

From the Elementary Principal's Office

The past two weeks we have been fortunate to have had many local folks to our school. On March 22nd we had 50 Future Falcons and family members at our Child Development Day for 3 and 4 year old children. The gym was full of energy as the little ones went through a few developmental screens and displays of the 15 different vendors that were part of the day. As I watched the children, parents, staff, and vendors interact, it makes me think that this is the starting spot for our mission statement for that student.

Also on March 29th, the Celebration of Learning was a day for our students to showcase projects they have completed. As I walked through the school, the students stopped me to share what they had been working on. It is always wonderful to see students have a passion for learning. Thanks to all the parents, grandparents, and community members that visited to support our school at this event.

The Book Fair was successful again this spring with Scholastic and Usborne Books in the elementary. We were able to receive fifty books that will be added to the different classroom libraries. We were also able to give away thirty-four books to students from a private donation that was made to the school to be used at the Book Fair for that reason. Thanks for getting books into our students hands.

And I hope that I will see you at our April 10th reading night at school. Get out and enjoy the warmer weather.

-- Mr. Ross

From the Middle/High School Principal's Office

Prom is right around the corner. Before our high school students attend this annual dance to celebrate the end of the school year on April 8th, I would like to send this reminder to students and families. I know you know these things already, but I think it’s a good idea to review them.

Prepare yourself to deal with the pressures that come with the territory. Don’t get caught off guard and agree, or say “yes” to something that you will regret. Be ready to stand up for yourself and say, “no.”

Plan something fun and stick to that plan. Just one of the highlights of a student’s high school career tends to be prom. Prom is a time to make great memories with friends. By making firm plans with an exciting activity, the likelihood of attending a drinking party is minimal. Go out to eat, go bowling, watch a movie, play board games, or plan a sleepover at a friend’s home. Look forward to just being with your friends.

Be a leader that others will look up to. Just as peer pressure works to get others to drink or use drugs, it can also work in a positive way. Others will take notice if you are having a good time and staying sober. Have a great time with friends with no regrets.

Have fun and stay safe!

-- Mrs. Schley

From the Athletic Director's Office

This is a very busy time for our students. Spring has been good to us so far, and I hope that our softball, baseball, track, and golf teams will be able to see some success in our early games. Our high school teams have been practicing, and the good weather has allowed them to get out on the fields and track to start working. Middle school track begins on Monday, and I'm sure they'll have a great start as well.

Also coming up is the state Forensics meet. Mrs. Griesbach works very hard with these students, who have had so much success over the past few years. I'm excited to see how they perform at state. The students have been preparing their works and I wish them all the best of luck.

-- Mr. Alberson

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