Schoology Help

Try this... A few tips to get the Schoology up & running!

Stuck? Let's look at some of the reasons why it's not working.

Here are some of the reasons why Schoology isn't logging in for you.

  1. You can only use our MNPS Office 365 School Email account, you can't use any personal account.
  2. You created a generic Office365 account and Schoology can't recognize you as a HIllsboro Student, because the computer has saved your generic Office365 account.
  3. You are on the wrong Schoology link because you googled Schoology.
  4. You haven't updated your password this school year.
  5. You are new and haven't signed your AUP. Sign it here.

Office 365 First

Click the Office 365 Icon.

  • If it automatically logs into Office 365, check the top right bubble to see what account it is logged into. For students, the email should end with If it does not have that, then you need to log off & log in again using your Office 365 Account.
  • Log into Office365. For student's it is their and their password is that same as their computer login.

Then go back to Schoology

After you have successfully logged into Office 365, you should be able to go back to and click the "Schoology" link and it should log you straight into your account.

You can do this from your phones browser or you can download the app.

Still can't login? Email me and we can troubleshoot some more.