Home Movies to DVD

Don't let your family memories fade away

We all have home movies we haven’t watched in ages – birthdays, dance recitals, holiday gatherings, a child’s first steps and other special family moments. Time is taking their toll and deteriorating the movies that represent your precious family memories. By converting your tape or film to DVD you’ll be able to preserve those memories for a lifetime.

Film to DVD Transfer

Pricing as low as $25 for 2 hours of footage

Simple Tranfers

Video is transferred "as is" to DVD

Video will play promptly upon DVD insertion (no navigation menu)

Chapter points are added every 5 minutes

Includes 1 DVD master copy

Want a more finished product?*

  • Unwanted scenes deleted
  • Video clips arranged to play in a certain order
  • Background music added
  • Visual effects added such as graphics, special transitions or text
  • A custom, interactive DVD menu created so viewers can skip right to the scene they want to watch


Slides to DVd

  • Standard 35mm Slides
  • $24.99 includes first 40 slides to DVD
  • $.50 per additional slide after 40 slides
  • Background music included

Photos to DVD

  • Photo prints up to 8" x 12"
  • $24.99 includes first 40 prints to DVD.
  • $.50 per additional print after 40 slides.
  • Maximum of 1,000 prints per DVD
  • Background music included

Film to DVD Transfers

  • 8mm, Super 88mm, 16mm
  • $.16 per foot of film

Tape to DVD Transfers

  • Up to 2 hours of video* onlt 1 DVD for $25 (this is the maximum amount of video that wil fit only 1 DVD)
  • Additional footage transferred at $20/DVD
  • All transfers include 1 master DVD.
  • Additional copes be purchased at the following prices:

1-10 copes: $7 each

20-49 copies: $5 each

50+ copies: $4 each

DVD Duplication

  • Includes premium DVD disc
  • On-disc label
  • Clear, plastic DVD case
  • Price per disc ranges from $2.23-$7.00 depending on number of copies
  • Optional modifications available upon request.

*Enhancements can be performed for an hourly editing rate. Please contact us at info@sharpshootersvideo.com with questions about your project.