Willis H. Carrier

By Victor Ordonez

Early life

Willis Carrier was born on November 26, 1876 Angola, New York. His mom taught him math as a young kid. He became fascinated and would go outside after doing his chores and solve geometry problems. He became obsessed with the idea of becoming an engineer at an early age. He was able to attend college and went to Cornell University.


In Brooklyn, New York he worked at a publishing company. He worked on the machines and tried to help the company as much as he could. He started noticing that he humidity was causing problems with the printer and could not produce properly. He began and working to solve the problem. He was trying to invent a machine that could control humidity levels and temperature. He was finally able to make them and started producing them to sell to other companies in need. The great depression made it hard for him to sell,but when world war 2 was announced the post war made him sell like crazy. Now he is know as the inventor of the air conditioner.
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Carrier's Legacy

He started a company called Toyo Carrier in Japan. It is huge and still expanding today. They produce the most modern air conditioners today! Without Willis Carrier we wouldn't be able to keep cool in our homes and many companies across the world would have trouble producing.