How to Keep Safe Online

Don't put yourself in danger

Rules on how to keep safe online

1. Don't swear

2. Don't bully

3. Don't hurt other people's feelings

4. Don't talk to anyone that you don't know

5. Don't spam rude things

6. Don't put rude pictures up

7. Don't always use capital letters

8. Don't tell people your private location

9. Don't tell people who you are (name or number)

10. Don't tell people your password

11. Don't tease people's names

12. Don't always add exclamation marks at the end of your sentence (it may seem your shouting at someone)

13. Don't play inappropriate games

14. Don't show yourself to other people

15. Always ask for permision to post pictures for other people

16. Never bring food or drinks when your on the computer or you may spill your drink and drop your food

17. Never give out somones email

18. Don't tell people to look up hackers

19. Don't tell people that your something that your not (I'm a police officer and I will arest you if you don't tell me your real name)

20. Don't show people pictures of yourself in a rude way

21. Don't make up fake websites for your own sake

22. Do respect the people on the internet and don't be rude

23. Do not look at other people accounts if they say no

24. Do not tell anyone other peoples personal details

25. Don not tell people rude games

26. Do not play inappropriate games if your under age

27. Do not copy and paste things that you didn't make up

28. Do respect the rules that it says to do and do not break them

29. If you see fights on the internet do not butt in or you might get involved with the police

30. Do not comment on other peoples photos if you have nothing to do with them

31. Make your profile private so hackers can't look at your photos or see what your real names is