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CrowdSpot coming soon!

This awesome nightlife app let you rate and find crowds when you're going out!

What is CrowdSpot anyway??

Well, it's supposed to be a mobile application for iOS, that helps you find great crowds when you go out.

We were inspired to build a social application focused on helping users have a great night, by the strange phenomenon of sometimes being in an awesome crowd! We've all had those nights where everything seems to come together, you're having great conversations, you're drinking, dancing, going wild with your friends and the next morning you wake up in bed, thinking "Last night was crazy!".

At one point we started asking ourselves the question why are those nights so much fun? It's not just one or two things, it's a combination of factors, but overall we agreed that what you need is an awesome crowd!

We came up with 4 essential factors that determines whether a crowd will probably fulfill your expectations for a great night out:

  1. The people, are they young, old, student, professional, hipsters, douchebags, you name it.
  2. The activity: are people drinking, dancing, chillin', socializing, going wild, or is it a good crowd for networking?
  3. The Music is obviously important; we all have a different taste, like dance, jazz or latin, but we think it's a crucial factor.
  4. You need your Friends around!

These factors seem to be crucial for a great night out - or an awesome crowd as we like to call it - no matter what your personality is.

So this is what we did. We've built a mobile application that enables you to rate and put tags on nightlife experiences. This way you can share your location and crowd with your friends on facebook or Twitter so they instantly know whether or not to join you. All you have to do is rate the crowd somewhere between 1 and 5 stars. We know stars don't say much on their own, so we ask you to back up your rating by putting tags on the the 4 essential points: People, Activity,Music and Friends that are with you.

Let's say I'm tagging [Hipsters] [Dancing] [Techno] and I add my two friends that are with me, it will show up on my facebook wall or twitter that

"Awesome crowd @ Bar X, Amsterdam - with friend1 and friend2".

This is kinda a combination of checking in at a venue and writing a review about a nightlife venue, because you're not just sharing where you are, you're also letting people know if it's any good. By doing this you can communicate where you're having drinks or dancing without having to call or text a million people to join you. Besides, we think they'll be more eager to join you if they see multiple friends sharing positive ratings and tags about a certain place.

We think it's fun, we hope you do too!!

Who are we?

We are Harry Vleesch Dubois and Wybren van der Zee, two college buddies from Amsterdam trying to build something fun instead of putting their time and efforts into graduating ;)