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Cat Boarding Facility in Chapel Hill: Entrust Your Pet in Secure Hands

If you have a pet cat, and you are planning a weekend tour with your better half, then you must be worried about your feline partner. You must be thinking about feeding your cat, about the safety issues, etc. Pet boarding facilities may have the perfect answer for you. Cat Boarding facilities have mushroomed in Chapel Hill region owing to the demand for boarding facilities for pets. People in this area understand the potential of this particular service and due to this, the popularity of this service is rising.

There are certain features of this service, which are making it a class apart from others. Some of these include:

Safe, Nice and Cozy Place: The cat boarding service providers keep the cats in different rooms of their own. These rooms are big enough for a cat to stay, and the average size of the chamber is thirty-six cubic feet. A cat spends its days quite at ease in a room like this. In case, you have two cats who are the best of friends, and then for that case, the area is a little bit bigger so that it can accommodate two of them side-by-side. Temperature levels in these rooms are always within the controllable limit, and this feature adds to the comfort standards of these chambers.

Uninterrupted Functioning in All Weather: Providing pets with a comfortable atmosphere during their stay in the boarding house calls for an uninterrupted functioning of the facility in all weather. The cat boarding facilities in the Chapel Hill region have the necessary power backup facilities to ensure your cats enjoy their daily comfort come hail or hurricane. Also, your pets remain perfectly at home even in the case of extreme snowfall. With the weather becoming so erratic in the last few years, it is good to have facilities that are well prepared to take care of all weather eventualities.

Kind and Caring Staff: In spite of all the facilities, you must be worried about how the personnel in this place are taking care of your cat. Some of the cat boarding houses in Chapel Hill region are family run businesses, and therefore, all the pets staying over here get the utmost care. The staff working in these places are very cooperative and professional. They take good care of the pets. As it may not be possible for a single batch of employees to take care of the pets around the clock, therefore, the boarding houses have different shifts of employees to take care of your pet. This ensures the cats get the required amount of care at all times.

These are some of the essential features of cat boarding facilities in the Chapel Hill region. For more details, you can give some of these facilities a call and get additional details on how they take professional care of pets.

About The Author:

This article was written by Thomas West, Vice President of Country Inn Kennel and Cattery. Country Inn Kennel and Cattery is a family owned and operated boarding kennel in Chapel Hill, NC. They offer boarding and grooming services for dogs and cats, throughout Chapel Hill and in neighboring towns. They also offer pick up and drop off service for dog grooming service holder.