When I was about 3 years old I started to sing. The songs were usually easy like Christmas songs, or happy birthday! Then I got older and I moved on to radio songs because it was more interesting and it just made you want to dance. Later on I joined choir in 4th grade through 8th grade and the music there was all slow and peaceful, but sometimes we did pop shows where we would sing only pop music, like Jar of Hearts, Stuck like Glue, Tonight Tonight and more!

How to Be an Amazing Singer

         Being a singer isn’t that easy, you have to do so many warm ups with your lips, vocals, and ears.  With your lips you need to keep them loose and blow air through them, if you’re doing it right it should make a buzzing noise and tickle your nose or upper lip. To warm up your vocals you sing your soulfege or shape your lips to an O and sing up the scale. Now with the ears you need to listen and make sure you are unison or as one (on pitch). I’ve used these techniques multiple times in concerts, UILS, and talent shows, they can be very nerve racking, but eventually you will conquer you fears!

Since I’ve been A Singer

      Since I’ve been a singer for a long time your voice matures and you get a bigger and fuller sound. When I was in 7th grade I could not sing soprano 1 (highest), but over the summer I practiced and practiced! Once I headed off to 8th grade I was able to sing soprano 1 and I am the only 8th grader in the class, so when I would sing I only had the mature voice. I was supposed to be in concert women, but my schedule didn’t work out with the switching, that made me disappointed but I can live with it as long as I’m in choir!

The Present

     Finally I’m at the top waiting to explore more than anyone can accomplish. Right now I have a contest to go to and it’s called Region choir, it’s where all student from the school meet up and sing certain songs they have practiced and I’m hoping I make it in. After I make it I go to the 2nd highest competition, but since I’m in 8th grade I can only stop there until I go to high school, which means even more goals I can succeed! I can’t wait to have my wishes come true I’m just one step away from grabbing the trophy and being in an all women’s concert with all the best singers in the region!