Chinese New Year

Snow Day!

Not the best thing when we have lots of work to do, right? We will have a little time to work tomorrow (not enough time to cook - sorry!) and will hopefully share with the other third graders sometime tomorrow. You can continue to work from home if you are able and can still use the links on this Smore. I have also created a Today's Meet if you want to communicate with our group members. Just remember to join with your real name and type school appropriate comments. :) Have fun being innovative!

For the start of Innovation Week, you will begin by researching what Chinese New Year is...

Here are some questions we are asking...

What countries and people celebrate Chinese New Year?

When is this holiday throughout the year?

What does this holiday mean?

What food do they eat during Chinese New Year?

What traditions and customs are common during Chinese New Year?

Is there special music or dances they listen to and do during Chinese New Year?

Are there any crafts that are made or displayed during Chinese New Year?

Helpful Links

Use the links and videos below to do some research on Chinese New Year.