Animal Farm

Kalianne Golden

Character analysis for napoleon

Napoleon is a large fierce bear and does not talk very much. Many times Napoleon had squealer speak on his behalf. Napoleon is very controlling and deceiving. He often used Mr.Jones comingh back as a way to justify being "called out". He also used the commrads "ignorance" and minipualted it so he could get away with breaking the seven commandments. One quote from aopleon is "Napoleon is always right"

Theme (Power Corrupts)

I chose the theme Power Corrupts because Napoleon once he was appinted power he was changed. Napoleon broke many of the commandments such as sleeping in a bed, using dishes,drinking,wearing clothes and even trading. He also killed another animal.

Important Events Battle of Cowshed

The humans tried to re gain the farm and the anials fought and won. Awards were given such as Animal Hero First Class.

Symbol windmill

The windmill is a important part of the book because it was a debate and destroyed many times.