Jacob Nemec

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is when the environment is not being harmed, and natural resources aren't being over used and used incorrectly. Sustainability happens when the environment is balanced.

Energy/Climate Change

Climate Change: Climate change is affecting our world in many ways. The definition of climate change is a long term change in weather patterns or average temperature. Greenhouse gases are affecting the world average temperature in a negative way. Here is an infographic that shows better ways to save energy and reduce greenhouse gases.
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Waste: The definition of waste is trash or something that is not natural in the environment. Waste management is important if we want to help make this world and environment a better place.

Recycling is important because if trash can be reused/recycled, that helps clean the environment and lessen the amount of trash in the world. Recycling is a key aspect of making a cleaner world.


The more pollution in our environment harms the life and quality of our natural resources that we need to survive. It also affects our natural habitats and the wilderness and wildlife. Pollution is a bad thing.
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Biodiversity is a very important part of our ecosystem, because without it the environment would not be as healthy as it would with it and also because biodiversity is important for the future of animal and plant species alike. Biodiversity just means that an ecosystem has a diverse compilation of plants and animals.

Resource use

As mentioned earlier, we need to use our resources more sparingly and smarter if we want our world to be healthy. We can do this by reusing recycling and reducing our resource use. We can also use different resources such as solar and wind power.


In conclusion you can see that all these categories affect each other. Each category I went over affects our environment. If one is not working correctly our environment won't function correctly. We need to do our best to take care of the environment so future generations will be able to experience the beautiful world we have in front of us.


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