Jasmine Dixon

Miss J

Class of 2013

I am currently a senoir at Salem High School which, is home of the Sundevils. In 9th , 10th and 11th grade I participated on the girls basketball team. Your probably wondering..Why I did not continue to play my senior year. That is because I am apart of the step team and we are called the Vainglorious steppers. Aside from sports I am also in a club called Final Four Mentors. Final four mentor is a group of upper classmen that guide the freshman through the year, so that they will not be nervous and become as successful as they are supposed to be. At salem I am apart of many activities which I am proud of. I have been on Salems bowling team as well.
VGS Salem/OL game

The Guessing Game

From the information given above, I want you to figure out my age ! Whoever guesses my age correctly will recieve a treat.

Why teach?

I choose to be a teacher because, If you think about it children see teachers for most of there day for five days a week. Teachers are the next adults aside from there parents to bring forth knowledge in your childs brain. By being a teacher I feel that I can educate the youth. I feel I can be that one to make a difference in a childs life. Not only will I be your teacher for the next few months I will also be a mentor for you all.

Its your turn