The pearl

By: John Stienback

Book Summary

Kino and Jauna are a poor couple and they have a child Coyotito. During the story Coyotito was stung by a scorpion and became very ill. Then Kino and Jauna found a pearl and things were fine Coyotito felt better then... Everything went bad the doctor came and poisoned Coyotito. Kino then killed some people. Then they went on the run. then Coyotito died.

Character description

Kino-greedy, Dangerous, protective, is very tan has black hair

Jauna-protective, Motherly, caring, quiet and brave

Jaun Thomas-trustworthy, helpful, smart

Coyotito-he is a baby, doesnt talk, and was stung by a scorpion.

Setting of book

in the small town of La Paz back in the past.

Theme of book

Greed is a bad habit and causes bad situations. I know this because Kino became greedy and bad things have happened.

2 important quotes

1.""The doctor wouldn't come" Kino told Jauna"

2. "No one should take our good fortune from us"