Special Services Newsletter


Deciding on Accommodations for PARCC

In planning for students who may require accommodations for PARCC, teams should follow the following steps:

1. Expect all students to achieve academic and grade-level course content standards and ensure equal access to grade level standards.

2. Educators, students and parents should learn about accessibility features and accommodations by looking at the PARCC practice tests, found at www.parcconline.org.

3. Once knowledgeable about the PARCC test, start the selection process for individual students by letting them try selected features, evaluate and make adjustments, and document the recommended features in a PNP (personal needs profile) and the IEP. When doing this, each portion of the PARCC should be considered separately.

4. Address building level issues- how/where/when will the student be taking the test? Remember, small group and separate setting are provided at the test coordinators discretion and are no longer an accommodation under PARCC.

4. Administer accessibility features and accommodations during the PARCC. When the test is finished, evaluate and improve the accessibility features and accommodations as needed.

The good news is, once we get through this year, most of this will be in place and we will only need to make small adjustments. In January, the Special Services office will be working with IEP teams directly. Given the nature of the changes to the accommodations, I do not anticipate we will need to immediately amend or change most IEPS. Additionally, we are working on making the necessary adjustments in ASPEN.

As always, feel free to contact me via phone or email if you have specific questions or concerns.