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January 8, 2021

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Online Program Parent Group

Did you know we have an active Online Program Parent Group? The group meets twice monthly with administration. We would like to welcome you to join! Our next meeting will take place on January 28th at 3 pm. This will be a special listening session where we will support one another, celebrate successes, and problem solve together. If you have questions you would like answered or topics you would like covered please submit them to Program Assistant Gloria Basak, .

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 961 6962 5444

Passcode: 806683

Online Program Directory

The first version of our Program Directory went out to families who signed up via email before break. If you would like to be included in the updated publication please use this form to sign up:

Inclement Weather and Online Learning

Decisions to close school due to inclement weather will continue to be made based on safety and access to learning/school site. While students are all in CDL or enrolled in the WLWV K12 Online Program (WKOP), there is a strong likelihood that school could remain “open” and students can continue learning at home during inclement weather such as snow or ice. When inclement weather includes heavy winds or power outages that affect internet access, there may be a reason to delay or close school depending on the impact and access to online learning.

If the school district closes due to inclement weather, any on-site classes or activities would also be canceled. This includes Limited In-Person Instruction (LII) and co-curricular or evening activities. Any delays or closures will apply to both students in CDL and the WLWV K12 Online Program.

The district will continue to provide communication about the status of school (delay or closure) through FlashAlert and alerts on the district website. We encourage families to sign up for FlashAlert early, and families can always check the district website for the latest information.

No School Monday, January 18 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Please scroll to access the weekly update for your grade level(s)!

Primary Level

Dear Primary Families,

Happy New Year and welcome back! I hope you had a wonderful and restful break. As we often do in a new year, both students and staff spent time this week reflecting on accomplishments, successes, and all of the hard work that has been accomplished since the first part of the school year. We then spent time crafting goals to capture our next steps in teaching and learning.

As a program we invite families to do the same. We want to know what is working well and what challenges you might still be facing. Please know we care about you and about any problems big and small that might be barriers to your child’s success. We welcome feedback as partners in this online learning venture. I have been a part of many collaborative meetings where our teachers, Instructional Coordinator, Counselor, and Learning Specialists have partnered with families to craft support plans. Please reach out if there are ways we can connect to support you and your child.


Jules Laaperi

Director of Primary

Middle Level

Welcome Back!

Our return to school began with sad news. This academic year we have endured many unprecedented challenges. Our students are experiencing varying levels of emotions and in some cases, loss. I want to assure you we will continue to focus on supporting our students with compassion and care.

Learning Coach Homework

Review your student’s progress in each course. How are they doing? Are they caught up with assignments? Do they need to attend an additional help session? Do they need to meet with Ms. Krueger? Do they need help creating a schedule? Here is a Student Schedule Template your student may use.

Academic Tutoring Support

We invite all of our students to take advantage of the opportunity for additional academic support. Our wonderful paraeducator Kathy Krueger, hosts Academic Tutor Sessions by grade level in Newrow every week. Should your student wish to be added to these sessions, please have them send her an email at Sessions are also visible in students’ daily Class Connects.

Ms Krueger’s Tutoring Schedule


10:30-11. Additional support for students

11-11:30. 8th grade history

1:00-1:30 8th grade language arts

1:30-2:00. 8th grade science

2:00-2:30. 8th grade math


10:30-11:00 7th grade math

11:00-11:30 7th grade science

1:00-1:30. 7th grade language arts

1:30-2:00. 7th grade history


10:30-11:00 6th grade language arts

11:00-11:30 6th grade history

1:00-1:30 6th grade math

1:30-2:00 6th grade science

Counselor’s Message

Dear MS OP Families and Students,

Take time to nurture your soul each day. Today is a gift which is why we call it the present. Show up for yourself and take it one step at a time. Thank you for loving yourself and our students.

Mindfulness | Returning to school is hard work on the body and brain. Do yourself a solid and be mindful of YOU.

What is Mindfulness? To better understand what mindfulness is, read about it here or watch a video here. Looking at screens can take a hefty toll on the brain and body. As with any “new” situation, there is excitement, confusion (at times) and every single person has their own way of navigating change. And, that’s totally cool! Mindfulness gives us the tools to take a bit of a personal and constructive “time out.” A healthy “time out”

Why is this important? Did you know that taking time to “center” yourself when things feel a little “off” can lead to a stronger sense of self worth, more patience with the self, and a clearer head to do what is asked of us? As we grow, our bodies and minds become heavy working machines that often need a break. In an effort to strike balance within the self, it is important to take pause and find ways to nurture our minds, bodies and spirits in unique, fitting ways that yield positive results for us. One way to "chill" in a healthy and restorative fashion is to practice checking in with one's self and giving the brain a bit of a reset. While we are ALL learning how to cope, process and grow through this new experience, please note that engaging in mindfulness will not only adhere to our new way of life, but create a stronger YOU!

What do I do now? PICK AT LEAST ONE OF THESE EXERCISES AND TRY IT! Ok, we’re going to be honest: If you’ve never done a self guided check-in it can feel funky. We get it. Keep in mind that you don’t HAVE to do this BUT if you’re curious- try it out! Finding healthy coping strategies for stress is a crucial part of growing up and we hope you take this opportunity to start practicing mindfulness.

I am interested in more! Click here to check out more Mindfulness activities.

Family Resources

Home School Websites

Family Sites

If you need additional information and would like to confidentially inquire about resources available, please email our School Counselor, Kimberly Gwin at or our School Social Worker, Brittany Bucholz, at

Important Dates:

MLK Day: January 18, No School

Take Care,


High Level

Hi Online Families,

Please watch this short two and a half minute video sharing information about PSAT's, School Photo's and Game Night. I hope you all had a nice break and please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you have.

Both Online and CDL students will be featured in their home school yearbooks. In order to be included, Online students MUST arrange to have school pictures taken at their home schools. Please make sure you are signed up for your home school (Art Tech, West Linn or Wilsonville High School) Listservs as detailed information about school pictures will be updated next week.



Rebecca Shook
Director-High School Online Program
West Linn-Wilsonville School District

General Information for All Grade Levels

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