Seeing the World Through Different Eyes


The mission of Mary Helen Guest Elementary School, in cooperation with the community, is to educate all children in a caring environment so that every student is a knowledgeable, resourceful and self-reliant individual able to adapt and contribute productively to our changing society.

Seeing the World Through Different Eyes A “Pizza Me” Family Project DUE January 4th

Many of you will see extended family over the holidays; ask them questions to complete your “Pizza Me” project

Does your family have special traditions or rituals? Do you celebrate any special holidays or milestones in life? We are asking each family at Mary Helen Guest to create a “Pizza Me” project that illustrates family practices, traditions, rituals, or celebrations. Please create a collage by decorating the cardboard pizza board with pictures and artifacts. Please label with words to describe these pictures. Please consider the following ingredients to add to your pizza:

What do you do when you lose a tooth?

How do you celebrate birthdays?

How do you celebrate the New Year?

What do you do when you are sick?

How does your family mourn the loss of a family member?

What holidays does your family celebrate and how?

What are your rituals for homework?

What special foods do you eat?

What special utensils do you use?

What bedtime routines do you have?

What dinner routines do you have?

We are hoping that the students at Mary Helen Guest will learn from each other and “See the World Through Different Eyes”. Please make sure to put your family name on the front of the pizza board. Please put the student names and teacher names on the back. Please complete and return this “Pizza Me” Family Project by Monday, January 4, 2016. Thank you for your support!

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