Between the Bookends

September 2015

Happy Autumn!

Crisp autumn days filled with spiced cider and pumpkins are on their way and we are back to the routine of school days! Make sure you take the time to enjoy before the snowflakes fly!

Some of our new books!

Library Lessons in September!

Kindergarten - Our new kinder friends are doing so well in the library! We have spent our first few visits getting to know each other and learning about the library and the manners we use in these new surroundings. They are becoming great library patrons! In the month ahead we'll be talking about taking care of our books.

First Grade - Our first grade students have done a great job refreshing their library skills! We've concluded our review of skills with a lively game of Library Charades. Don't worry though, the Golden Book Elves gave us special permission to run in the library and dog ear the pages of old books! Next, we'll start working on making connections to ourselves and to our world as we share read alouds and reinforce our IB Attitudes!

Second Grade - This is another group that has shown they remember their library manners and procedures! Next we will be working on becoming independent in the library, learning how the library is organized, and how to find the books we need!

Third Grade - With a quick dust off of our library manners, we've jumped full-scale into research! Third graders have been working on their Country Scrapbooks, using World Book Online to research the country and it's government. Through the year, students will be using their Country Scrapbook as a mode of learning research skills in the library such as following a research process and finding reliable websites.

Fourth Grade - Call this class "Kahoot Krazy!" As a way of reviewing their own library skills, the fourth graders are putting the finishing touches on a Kahoot game to challenge the third graders! Fourth grade has done a great job creating excellent, and tricky, questions in hopes of stumping the third graders! Next up, and timely for autumn, we'll be studying the land of the maple leaf, O' Canada! We will be using Canada as our backdrop to learn research skills. We'll be researching The Rock, Cowtown, Van and everything in between, eh!

Book Challenge

Our first month's tally is almost here! Please remind students to write down what they've read from the beginning of school until now in your blue folder! Results will be shared via a Google spreadsheet and posted outside of the library!
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Panther Picks

The library is looking for student book reviews! I've started "Panther Picks" for students to write a brief review of a books they've enjoyed from our library. These reviews will then be posted for everyone to see! Think you may have some interested readers, tell them to ask me more about it!

Golden Book Awards!

The Golden Book Awards are bigger and better this year! The class winning the most Golden Book Awards during a marking period will be eligible for a prize! Of course this also means that the Golden Book Elves will be looking for extra-good, super-shiny, best of the brightest Golden Book Behavior!

Winners for Week 1 -

1st Grade - Mrs. Sabo

2nd Grade - Miss McGrath

Tech Tool of the Month

This month, I thought I'd talk about a older tool that I think has a bad rap. Anyone out there use Twitter? It's not just for celebrities or millenials who want to #theirwaythroughlife.

Consider this: Twitter is a global way to connect with people. Why not use it as an opportunity to create a global Personal Learning Community? This is how I've been using Twitter for years. I'm more a follower, than a Tweeter. I follow my professional organizations, nationally recognized librarians, favorite authors, education and tech journalists, and Downton Abbey. (Um, well, never mind that last one.) I find Twitter is an excellent resource for ideas, insightful articles and just general affirmation that what I'm doing in the library classroom is on the right track.

So, give Twitter a try and set up your global PLC!

Some Twitter accounts to follow...

@iborganization - International Baccalaureate

@IBWorldmag - Official Magazine of IB

@ncte - National Council of Teachers of English

@edconnectr - Connected Educators

@pbsteachers - PBS for Teachers

@TeachingLC - Teaching with the Library of Congress (primary document-palooza!)

Hashtags: #FallSongs

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