By ~ Megan Schwoerer


My favorite part of this project was getting to use the machines like the sanders, the drill bit, and the band saws. For my car I think the shape turned out the best, because it kind of looks like a fish! If I could change anything on my car, it would be the paint color. It was originally going to be purple, but there was none left. One of the things I didn't enjoy in this project was the C.A.D, I just think the process took longer than I expected.

What is Speed?

Speed is rapidity or movement of action. I think my dragster will go 15 mph, and the aerdynamics will help my dragster.

Negative Affects

Some negative effects might be that my launch hole might be to small, the screw holes created friction against the ground. My dragster's own weight might also have a negative effect.

Factors for a Good Launch?

Some factors for a good launch would be the shape, a block wouldn't go as fast as a car with curves.

Best Features of Your Car? How Fast Do You Think Your Car Will Go?

The best features of my car is probably the shape . . . Because it looks like a fish! I also like the white stripe down the middle.

I predict my car will go 15 mph.