Radial, symmetrical, asymmetrical


Asymmetrical balance is achieved when both sides of a room are not identical but the room still acheives balance. The room in the image is asymmetrical because it is not identical on both sides. For example there is not a clock on each side, but there is something the same shape as the clock and it balances out with the clock.
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Radial balance is achieved when the balance is in a circular pattern. This picture has radial balance because it is in a circular pattern. The middle of the light is a circle and the lights that go around it are in a circular pattern.
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Symmetrical balance is achieved when both sides of a room are identical. This image represents symmetrical because it is the same on each side of the photo.
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My Favorite Type of Balance

Symmetrical is my favorite type of balance because it is even on both sides. I also feel like it is the easiest because you just have to make each side identical.